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Tine Pendred

Digital learning coach Tine Pendred thinks GIS is a very innovative school, a great example of this is her position at GIS! Her three words to describe GIS are; inclusion,  learning and resourceful.

“My name is Tine Pendred. I have worked with GIS since 2016 and I work in the IT department as a digital learning coach”.

Do you think Garden International School is an innovative school?
I think GIS is a very innovative school and my role is a great example of this. Not a lot of schools have got digital learning coaches. I think the fact that I’m here supporting teachers with technology supporting them with learning with technology is a very innovative move.

What is your favorite part about working at GIS?
My favorite part about working at GIS is working with the teachers. I think it’s an amazing opportunity to be able to work with such amazing hardworking and devoted teachers they’re all very enthusiastic and they’re all willing to try something new which is I think it’s the core of GIS.

Would you recommend Garden International School as a place to work?
I would definitely recommend GIS as a place to work. I mean they’ve got almost everything here it’s a very great opportunity for any teacher to work here as well as digital learning coaches their EAL program is outstanding they just have everything.

What three words would you use to describe the school?
My words I would use to describe GIS is inclusion, another word would be just learning, the last word I thought of was resourceful.

What does “we are GIS” mean to you?
We are GIS to me means that we are a community we look out for each other and we help each other. If someone needs support I’m there to support for example in case of Technology and that’s the case in any department and any faculty we are GIS hopefully to everyone, students as well as teachers means that we work as a community.

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