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Testimonials from GIS Alumni | Garden International School Malaysia

Garden International School Malaysia blog alumni testimonials featured image

Our relationships with students at Garden International School does not end when students graduate or leave GIS. They become part of the GIS Alumni Global Network community of over 70 nationalities. They continue their journey of education at universities, bringing with them the valuable skills and knowledge they have learned during their school times at GIS. We are proud to see how they have grown up to be the best they can be and share their life beyond GIS with our community. Below are some of the testimonials from our alumni who are studying in the UK or have completed their studies in the UK.

GIS & University of York Student: Jake Brown
Pursuing: Bachelor of Art, Business Management

Garden International School Malaysia blog alumni testimonial Jake Brown

Business Management
GIS IGCSE and A-Level (2011 – 2015) Member of GIS Rugby Team

Why University of York?
I visited the campus among others prior to applying to university and was extremely impressed by the facilities and the management school. Also I am from the Yorkshire area and so already had links nearby. The university has continued growing and developing in my time here with a multi million pound investment in the management school among others and has great potential for the future.

Do you feel that studying at University of York was a worthwhile investment in terms of your career outcomes?
I have no regrets about going to the University of York whatsoever. Every aspect of university life has exceeded my expectations and the university are always on hand to help with anything I may need to progress both my studies and career aspirations.

What do you miss about University of York?
Most of all I will miss the friends I have made and the campus lifestyle the university affords. Being situated just outside of town the University is in an ideal location for studies and a healthy social life which has helped me achieve a great work/life balance whilst at university.


GIS Graduate & Student at University of Loughborough: Margarita Raphaella Beatriz Jocson ONG
Pursuing BSc Communication and Media Studies

Garden International School Malaysia blog alumni UK testimonial Margarita ONG

GIS A Level student (2010 – 2016) Achieved 2nd place in piano performance at ANZCA competition, scored distinction at ATCL piano performance, Year 10 subject Award for Photography an Exhibited Pictures at a Film Exhibition at the Print Room, Malaysia.

I moved to GIS when I was barely 13 years old. It is there that I gained new friends from different cultures, knowledge and discipline that equipped me to be ready for university life. Being exposed to a whole range of different cultures made me more resilient and broad minded. I carried the skills I learned during my time at GIS to my life here at Loughborough University.

My university has a diverse student body and a good balance between academics and social life. Being ranked as #1 in Student Satisfaction clearly states how happy we are in this school. The administration and student services are efficient and always very helpful. We are strongly encouraged to go outdoors and be active, and to try something new always. With over 80 societies and 55 club sports, you’ll never run out of things to do. I’m currently a peer mentor for my faculty, Head of Events in our media sector and part of the athletic union’s polo team (alongside being a Welfare Representative of the Polo Team).

Aside from my extracurricular activities, my education here at Loughborough University has been absolutely amazing. The lecturers are top in their fields, world class facilities, and the University has been awarded 7 Queen Awards for research, only 1 short of Oxford University. It is indeed a top university in the UK and I am proud to be a part of it. From the friends I’ve made here to the education I am receiving, I do not regret my choice of attending Loughborough University.


GIS & University of Bristol Graduate: Ian Chan Tze Liang
Studied: Bsc (Hons) Economics and Finance
Current Employment: Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad

Garden International School Malaysia blog alumni UK testimonial Chan Tze Liang

GIS Student (2000 – 2014), Member of House Sport (Queen) and Participated in GIS School Swimming Gala (Internal)

Why University of Bristol?
Because I got rejected at the second interview stage for Oxford! In all seriousness whilst Bristol was my second choice, the fact that it was my second choice after Oxford should speak volumes. Bristol has a world class reputation with great lecturers and great facilities. To top it off, the University is located in the heart of Bristol, one of the UK’s most vibrant cities without being too crowded like London.

Do you feel that studying at University of Bristol was a worthwhile investment in terms of your career outcomes?
Yes. I believe that the experiences and knowledge gained whilst studying set the foundations for my career. I not only learnt the technical details of my subject, but more importantly I learnt how to learn, to analyse critically and to make up my own mind.

What do you miss about University of Bristol?
I miss the university atmosphere with the varied social and activity clubs you can join. I loved that I was minutes away from the countryside and less than 2 hours away from London.


GIS & King’s College London Graduate: Mathew Ng
Studied: MSc in Biopharmaceuticals
Current Employment: Manager, Robert Walters Malaysia

Garden International School Malaysia blog alumni UK testimonial Mathew Ng

GIS A Level student (1994 – 2007) was member of the School sports House – Chancellor

Why King’s College London?
World-renowned university with great facilities, educational programmes as well as support structure. Great student life and to top it off – it is located in London!

Do you feel that studying at King’s College London was a worthwhile investment in terms of your career outcomes?
Yes, definitely. It prepares and equips you with skills needed to succeed in the corporate world. It has a great support scheme as well as facilities to help guide student careers.

What do you miss about King’s College London?
The city, the environment, the staff as well as the student associations. Most importantly it is located in a prime and convenient location!


GIS & King’s College London Graduate: Tasha Teong Soo San
Studied: Bachelor of Arts (BA) Film Studies and Master of Arts (MA) Cultural and Creative Industries
Current Employment: Copywriter/Freelance Writer


Garden International School Malaysia blog alumni testimonial Tasha Teong

GIS O Level student (1997 – 2007) was President of SMART Club (Environmental Awareness Organisation), Inter School Swimming Gala Gold Medalist and Played Lead Guitar with an Ensemble for Year 11 School Musical.

Why King’s College London?
Choosing to study Film Studies in KCL was one of the most easy decisions to make! KCL’s programme and faculty excellence consistently ranks the BA in the top 5 in the UK, and being based in the heart of London posits students in one of the most rich and engaging locations for cinematic, cultural and personal growth.

Do you feel that studying at King’s College London was a worthwhile investment in terms of your career outcomes?
Absolutely! Joining the film and TV industry had always been an interest of mine and the breadth of topics covered helped to refine my research expertise and flexibility – an invaluable trait that covers almost any creative industry. Studying in one of the world’s most recognisable universities didn’t hurt either!

What do you miss about King’s College London?
Where do I begin? I could mention the infectious care and passion that surrounded me from the like-minded students and lecturers alike, or the unquestioningly high standards that the university regularly challenges you to achieve. On the other hand, the friendships I’ve made with people from all over the world and the imprint London has made on my heart are equally strong contenders. Ultimately, studying in KCL has been one of the greatest academic decisions I’ve made, bar none.


GIS & Cardiff Graduate: Benjamin Rynjah Goh
Studied:Bachelor of Arts (BA), Journalism, Media and Cultures Studies
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Media Management
Current Employment: Branding, AirAsia Berhad

Garden International School Malaysia blog alumni UK testimonial Benjamin Rynjah Goh

GIS A Level student (2006 – 2008), GIS Head Prefect (2005 – 2006), Model United Nations and went for The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) , Football Team Captain for U18 Level.

“Having completed both my undergraduate and postgraduate at Cardiff University – I have to say that both the experience and the level of teaching there was incredible. The journalism, media and cultural studies course has a phenomenal global reputation, and is one of the longest standing journalism courses. It has an extensive network of graduates throughout the news industry and with the lecturers being former professionals themselves, it couldn’t be better environment to gain advice and mentorship to those looking to get into the industry.

My MBA in Media Management, although relatively new to the curriculum when I joined, set me up for a job at Bloomberg as I had both the journalism and business background. The MBA was unique for me as I got to mix with people who had already established themselves within their professional worlds – an Olympic cyclist, a property mogul and a former trader on Wall Street were my colleagues – and this helped me grow my professional network before I even joined the workforce.

“Cardiff university is a great place to be, both to learn and to grow. It was the perfect move after finishing school at GIS because they both share a similar culture and put their students first.”


GIS & The University of East Anglia Graduate: Clement Chew
Studied: MA Globalisation & International Development, Economics, Politics, Sociology, Development, Conflict
Current Employment: MD at Atlas Risk and Consulting Solutions Ltd

Garden International School Malaysia blog alumni UK testimonial Clement Chew

Why The University of East Anglia?
The University of East Anglia is renowned for its School of International Development, as well as its high quality of campus facilities including the gym, running track, library and student amenities. A strong pull factor for me was the fact that Norwich is a place which combines both rural and urban settings within a 10 mile radius. I wanted to study in a campus which allowed me to go for runs in its spacious grounds coupled with excellent learning support and quality of education.

Do you feel that studying at The University of East Anglia was a worthwhile investment in terms of your career outcomes?
Definitely. I graduated with a MA in Globalisation and International Development. This helped significantly in my subsequent career as a government officer in the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department, focusing on Crime Reduction. I can not recommend UEA enough for anyone who wishes to pursue a first class education in the Arts and Sciences, combining both a high quality method of learning with great learning facilities, all close to Norwich, a fine city.

What do you miss about The University of East Anglia?
I miss paying visits to my friends in the Ziggurat and cooking cheap student meals. A night out in Mercy, one of the best nightclubs in the region on a Thursday night is also something that I dearly miss. Most of all, the staff and students in UEA are from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds, bringing about a cosmopolitan sense of multiculturalism. An international student would not find themselves out of place in such an accepting place.


GIS & University of Nottingham Graduate: Da Mee Chae Maria
Studied: Finance Accounting Management
Current Employment: Brand Manager/Overseas Branch Sales- S.Lab Sdn Bhd

Garden International School Malaysia blog alumni UK testimonial Da Mee Chae Maria

GIS A Level student (1999 – 2012) was member of Netball Team for GIS Dragon and also represents the School sports House – Sultan

Why University of Nottingham?
They carried out the strongest finance curriculum out of most universities I selected, and there was a really great offer for student exchange programmes which I always wanted to do. Many around me recommended and I really loved their new facilities back then. I had many opportunities to be an ambassador, leader and even in the band. It’s great they have a lot of curricular activities other than your studies.

Do you feel that studying at University of Nottingham was a worthwhile investment in terms of your career outcomes?
Yes, even though I’m not in the finance area now there are plenty of times where I have to think and use the past knowledge from the exams I took and the classes I attended. Meeting new people and building different relationships in University trained me to do the exact same thing when I started my career. Going to university was another great opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. You don’t want to humiliate yourself too much when you’re in your workspace. You naturally learn how to cope with different types of people.

What do you miss about University of Nottingham?
I was a committee and an ambassador for a large committee associating almost 300 to 400 people in the University. We used to have our own common room, trips like OTs to the beach, fundraising concerts and plenty of group parties. I really miss being part of a enthusiastic, lively and young group of people. Now I work with a various range of age group, which really isn’t a problem but being surrounded by a bunch same age youngsters was only until University. Enjoy while it lasts!

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