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What are ‘Value Added Results’? | Garden International School Blog

By Matt Corbett, GIS Head of Secondary

In general all students increase their academic achievement as they pass through school – we call this progress. The amount of progress over a given period of time will naturally differ between individuals. As well as natural variation, achievement owes a lot to the environment in which students find themselves. The quality of teaching and resources available, for example, may have a significant effect on the progress of individual students. The value we place in professional learning at GIS is testament to how important we consider the quality of teaching to be in affecting a child’s progress.

So, if we considered a fixed period of time we could talk of the amount of improvement a school has added to the student. Some schools clearly increase the achievement of its students more than others, putting students at an advantage. This advantage has come to be called Value-Added. Many schools will not report their Value-Added score because high grades do not necessarily paint the full picture in terms of a child meeting their potential.

So how do we calculate Value-Added?

At Year 7, 10 and 12, our students sit a standardised assessment which calculates (accurately) a child’s predicted grade at the end of each Key Stage. We compare this prediction with their actual examination grade and the difference between the two is either positive, neutral or negative.

We are incredibly proud to say that the Value-Added for our 2016/17 GIS Graduates was a historical best +0.42, meaning that in addition to a student’s aptitude for learning, the teaching and learning at GIS, on average, has added almost a half of a grade to all students that might not have occurred if they had not attended GIS. As the table below shows, our Value Added result puts us ahead of all but one of the highest attaining independent schools in the UK – a superb achievement.

Value Added Comparison to the Top 10 Highest Attaining Independent Schools in the UK

Source: https://educationdatalab.org.uk/2017/08/can-we-compare-the-a-level-performance-of-independent-schools-and-state-schools/


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