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Vanessa Lee, Year 11 – GIS Spotlight | Blog

Vanessa Lee, Year 11

vanessa lee


What makes you happy?

Knowing that I’ve left a positive impact on someone else’s life always makes me feel good. It could be small things like opening the door for someone to bigger things like organising parties for refugees and teaching them how to speak English. Happiness is contagious!


What is the best part of studying in GIS?

For me, the best part of studying in GIS is the opportunities presented to us students. In the seven years that I’ve been here, I have been fortunate enough to visit nearly all of Southeast Asia in various sporting events, community service trips, and academic excursions. Furthermore, GIS offers numerous leadership roles and extracurricular activities that enhance our learning and the overall GIS experience.


Three words that represent GIS.

  1. Community – it is truly so amazing to be a part of the GIS community. Both the staff and the students are such incredible people to work with. The GIS community certainly has helped me flourish and grow into the person I am today.


  1. Challenge – us students are constantly being stretched and challenged both inside and outside the classroom. Whether it is pushing our physical limits at the swimming pool, or facing a tough physics question in the classroom, students are taught to embrace challenges.


  1.  Fun – coming to school is often very enjoyable and exciting for students. With numerous events going on such as Mufti (our annual fundraising event for various charities), author visits, and external workshops, there are many school affairs throughout the year that students can get involved in.


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