Y12 GIS Student Sahana Kaur Awarded Prestigious EARCOS Global Citizenship Award

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Y12 GIS Student Sahana Kaur Awarded Prestigious EARCOS Global Citizenship Award


Important Work to be Done

Year 12 GIS student Sahana Kaur has dedicated much of her free time over recent years to initiatives aimed at supporting and positively impacting her local community. Having joined GIS as a scholarship student from Penang at the beginning of Sixth Form in August 2020, she has certainly not been deterred by the challenges posed in recent months. Quite the opposite in fact; for her, Covid-19 has presented even greater opportunities to take action as some of the issues within our communities, both locally and globally, have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Her motivation? The simple realisation that there is so much work out there to be done, and so many solvable problems waiting for a resolution. 

Recipient of Two Prestigious Awards

It is somewhat hard to believe that Sahana is just 16. She speaks articulately with the knowledge and passion of someone much older. In her role as Chair of Amnesty International, Malaysia (Youth), she has led on a number of initiatives to support those in need, standing up for the rights of the disenfranchised. It is therefore not surprising that she was recently awarded the incredibly prestigious Diana Award, a British based award that recognises young people between 9 and 25 years old who are active in social or humanitarian work as a way of continuing the legacy of Princess Diana. This is in addition to the EARCOS Global Citizenship Award which was presented to Sahana earlier this year.

What Makes a Great Global Citizen?

When asked what makes a good global citizen, Sahana, a Student Leader on the Action Strand, cites three key qualities. Firstly and fundamentally, an open mind. This, along with a strong desire to have a tangible impact and to be actively involved within your local community, are essential. Sahana also stresses the importance of collaboration and attributes the care, support and commitment of staff and peers at GIS to the success of GIS service learning projects across the local community. 

Others Can Get Involved Too

Sahana is undoubtedly an inspiring role model for other students. Her message to them? Look around where you live; there will be great need, and projects already running closer to home than you realise that will welcome extra support. The pandemic has created more need than ever to support, and in many ways, it is more accessible than ever to young people who are able to engage remotely. Think outside the box, and be resilient. This is not easy work, but it is important work.

Journey Post-GIS

When her journey at GIS comes to an end, Sahana’s work to support and positively impact her local community will most certainly continue. With plans to study Political Science in the US following her A Levels, Sahana’s work to positively impact change within society is only just getting started. 

Congratulations, Sahana!

Congratulations to Sahana; your achievements at just 16 are awe-inspiring. 

To read more about some of the initiatives that Sahana and members of Amnesty International Malaysia are involved in, click here.

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