Business Education

Business Education

The Business Education Faculty encompasses the broad and exciting range of subjects of Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, Enterprise, ICT and Computer Science, areas of learning that have become invaluable in their contribution to success in our global community.

Business Education at Garden International School

Business and technology are indispensable as they continue to entwine themselves in almost every thread of our lives and it has become almost impossible to escape the magnitude and impact they have on all of us in terms of what we buy, sell, work, study and how we enjoy our leisure time… Technology and the world of business influence what we wear, eat and how and where we travel and communicate. Even our opinions and the choices we make are influenced by what happens in these ever-evolving areas of learning.

As our planet becomes more dependent on international relations and globalised trade the increasing pace of advances in technology mean the demand for well-trained, informed business leaders grows ever more necessary. This is why with GIS’ Business Education Faculty we prepare students to be responsible global citizens and the leaders of tomorrow with the skills needed for a world where information and knowledge are advancing at ever increasing rates.

Business Education subjects, as well as being incredibly valuable in their own right, are disciplines that are complements to further study in any subject. Students will be well prepared for a whole range subjects such as Philosophy, Sociology, Political Studies, History, Geography, Employment Relations, Organisation Studies, International Business, International Relations, Finance, Statistics, Marketing, Computer Science, Web Design and Commercial Law (to name just a few) at universities around the world.

The nature of our subjects ensure that our students become not only informed citizens but are best placed to take their role as leaders in our global community.

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