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Garden Parents

Learning is at the heart of everything that we do; we are committed to developing our students as adaptable lifelong learners and global citizens. To enable this we design our programmes around our key GIS Learner Skills.

GIS Students

Garden International School students can utilise these ladders in many ways. They are a guide for personal development. By identifying and actioning ways of moving up the ladders students will become more skillful, empathetic, and well rounded people. Through the evidencing of personal progress, and considered reflection upon this process, our students will be genuinely prepared for the wider world that awaits them.

GIS Teachers

The skills ladders are a guide to aid the continued development of our learners across the length and breadth of the school. They are common goals that transcend the individual areas of the curriculum and unite us in a shared belief of what young people can, and should become. They are a tool to help teachers plan and deliver meaningful skills based learning opportunities.

GIS Parents

The skills ladders demonstrate to parents our aspirations for their children. We hope and intend for parents to read them and use them at home. The creation of opportunities to develop these skills and qualities are all around us. We believe that our parents join us in a shared responsibility for the development of these skills, and the value we place in them.

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