GIS Learning Vision

Vision for Learning

Apart from being a British-based curriculum education provider in Malaysia, we at GIS approach learning as a personal and lifelong pursuit of social, emotional and intellectual development. We believe that every learner is gifted with boundless potential and that our role as educators must be to awaken the various forms of intelligence and spark curiosity about everything in the real and abstract world. Rich and authentic learning experiences are used to cultivate innate talents, provide opportunities to pursue interests and passions, both inside and outside of the classroom, and strive for excellence; all in the spirit of respect, integrity, and well-being.

Learning at GIS

Drivers of Learning

We are dedicated to the holistic development of our learners. This is captured through four distinct drivers of learning that permeate all aspects of learning at GIS.

Developing Well-Rounded Individuals

Learner Skills

Our Learner Skills represents the unique profile of a GIS learner across the length and breadth of the school. It embodies the key skills and competencies that transcend the individual areas of the curriculum, and allow learners to make connections across a wide array of disciplines which are vital and aspirational elements of 21st-century learning. By encouraging a deeper understanding of how to think differently, learn together, be resilient, ask questions and get involved, our learners become true global thinkers, adaptable life long learners and well rounded people in preparation for the wider world and the future that awaits them.

Garden International School - GIS British Curriculum Education

Embracing Technology

Digital Learning

We leverage the use of technology to enhance the opportunities for our learners to deepen and redefine their learning experience. Technology is used to enable our learners to think differently by being creative and critical thinkers in which they are encouraged to take risks to solve problems through imaginative and innovative approaches. We also encourage our learners to learn together by providing a range of methods for online communication to improve connection, interactions, and collaboration as an integral part of our learning culture.

Garden International School - British Curriculum Digital Learning Culture

An Holistic Education

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Learning Culture

Whole School Journey

Want to see what your child’s learning journey would look like here with us at GIS? Explore our curriculum, learning journey and how we ensure smooth transitions for our students here.

Learning Community

We believe that we can grow and learn together as a community. Our learning culture spans our entire community- students, staff, parents and alumni- all on a journey, learning and growing together.

Wider Learning Opportunities

We strongly believe in a holistic approach to education, with students engaged in a broad range of wider learning opportunities to enable them to develop a range of interests, nurture passions and cultivate talent.