Maths at GIS is geared towards supporting and inspiring students in becoming confident and strategic problem-solvers and problem-posers. Through learning the rigour and precision of proof, students will understand and model the world around them, developing skills they can utilise across the curriculum and beyond school.

Maths at Garden International School

At GIS, Maths students develop their mathematical skills and knowledge but often also an interest and fascination for maths itself. Students take pride in their mathematical knowledge and achievements and this pride contributes visibly to their enjoyment of the subject. Students of Maths at GIS are also given plenty of opportunities to apply their learning to problems in real-life and unfamiliar situations.

GIS Maths students will also develop number manipulation skills that will support an efficient process of computation, solving problems and estimating results. This also to provide students with the ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas successfully using the language of maths as well as enhance their strategic thinking and perseverance skills.

Maths students are aided by an extensive support programme throughout their time at GIS and also given the opportunity to partake in many worldwide competitions, such as SEAMC, UKMT, ASMO, ASMA, AIME, FOBISIA and within schools in Kuala Lumpur.

It goes without saying that Maths underpins many other subjects, both throughout the academic pathway of a student but also in life. Consequently, at GIS, we take the importance of Maths very seriously. An extensive selection of co-curricular activities for deepening students’ enjoyment and understanding of mathematics along with a multitude of personalised routes through the secondary curriculum make Maths stand out as one of the principal pillars of the GIS curriculum.

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