Meet Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers

GIS Teaching Staff

Let us introduce our incredible teaching staff to you. Not only are they specialists in their subjects, but many of our teachers also hold Masters degrees and PhDs from the best British universities, enabling them to lead pedagogy in their field. Amongst our staff, we have globally recognised published authors and poets, professional coders and colleagues accredited with a range of qualifications, meaning that our students are inspired by the very best.

Always Learning

We are a true learning community, and the ongoing development of our teachers is at the heart of what we believe makes our school stand out. We know we have to be the very best for our students, because why should they deserve any less?

Meet our Whole School Leadership Team

Meet our Primary Leadership Team

Meet our Secondary Leadership Team

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Academic Staff

Meet our academic staff.

EYC and Primary Staff List
Name Qualifications Position
Primary Leadership Team
Nicola Nelson BA(Hons), PGCE(UK), NPQH Head of Primary
Neil Bowker BSc,UK,PGCE,UK Deputy Head of Primary
David Lee BEd (Hons),UK, MEd, UK Deputy Head of Primary
Etienne Viser BEd (Hons), South Africa Assistant Head of Primary
Jane Scott BSc; PGCE; MEd; MTESOL, UK Assistant Head of Primary
Sam Crews BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Assistant Head of Primary
Steven King BA (Hons); PGCE, UK Assistant Head of Primary
Catherine Tamlin BA/BSC, UK; PGCE, UK Year Leader
Laurie Stevenson BPsy,UK; PGCE,UK Teacher – Community Leader
Carlota Serina MA; BA(Hons), Spain; PGCE, UK Teacher – Key Stage 1 English Leader
Katrina Cullen Dip. TESL, UK Assistant Year Leader
Caitlin Van der Walt BEd, AUS Teacher
Ann Marie Kirk BA (Hons), UK Year Leader
Karishma Jethwani BA, UK; Liberal Arts, USA Teacher
Georgina Mudge Bsc (Hons) UK, PGCE UK Teacher
Andrew Adamski BA USA,PGCE,QTS,UK Assistant Year Leader
Shalome Benjamin BA (Hons), USA; MA, UK; PGCE, UK Teacher – Key Stage 1 Maths Leader
Manisha Parmar
BA (Hons), UK; PGCE, UK
Camilla Wright BA (Hons) UK; PGC UK Teacher
Rachel Jones BA,UK PGCE UK Teacher
Zoe Harris BA,UK PGCE UK Teacher
Fung Yee Pang BA (Hons), UK; PGCE QTS, UK Assistant Year Leader
Alice McVeigh BA(Hons),UK; PGCE UK Teacher
Ben Sowerby BA (Hons), UK Teacher
Anna Goh BA (QTS), UK Year Leader
Nicole Harrison BA,UK, PGCE, QTS Teacher
Mali Flower BEd,UK Teacher
Gemma Spedding BA (Hons) UK; PGCE QTS UK Assistant Year Leader -Key Stage 2 English Leader
Natalie Pitchley BA,UK; PGCE UK Teacher – Science Leader
Erik Wong BA,USA, PGCE ,UK Teacher
Gianluca Rocco BA (Hons), UK; PGCE, UK Year Leader
Jennifer Laird BEng (Hons); PGCE UK Teacher – Key Stage 2 Maths Leader
Charlene Bowker BA(Hons), PGCE, UK Teacher
Leah Francis BSc,MSc, UK,PGCE, UK Assistant Year Leader
Alexander Bastin BSc, UK,PGCE, UK Teacher
Anne Jenkins BA, UK, PGCE UK Teacher
Tiffany Edwards Bsc ,UK PGCE, UK Year Leader
Penelope Dougherty B.A (Hons) B.Ed, India Teacher
Laura Hewlett BA (JHons), UK; PGCE, UK Teacher
Sophie Clarke BA (Hons), UK; PGCE, UK Assistant Year Leader
Simon Oates BSc, UK Teacher
Alan Archer BA (Hons), UK Teacher
Sam Keeler BA, UK Teacher
Art & DT
DiAnna Pantano BA,USA Head of Primary Art
Mikaela Koelma BA/BEd, AUS Teacher
Christine Joseph BA, S’pore Head of Primary EAL
Cecilia Lee Dip. EC.Ed, UK; CELTA Teacher
Audrey Manford BA(Hons), TEFL;PGCE UK Teacher
Robert Francis BA, USA; BEd, Canada; MA, USA Teacher
Anne Jenkins BPsy,UK; PGCE UK Teacher
Natasha Simpson BA UK, PGCE UK Teacher
Melalyn Ng Hanhung BEd TESL (Hons), Malaysia; MA Ed, UK Teacher
Heather Elis BSc, UK Teacher
Victoria Cuthbertson BEd, Canada Teacher
Alex Turner BA (Hons), UK; PGCE, UK; MA, UK Digital Learning Coach
Daniel Iddon BSc, UK, PGCE UK Head of Primary PE
Kathryn Shoesmith BA,UK QTS, UK Teacher
Abbie Burke BA,UK ; PGCE, UK Teacher
Rachel Price BSc UK; PGCE UK Teacher – Interhouse Leader
Dirk Cox MBA, UKCC Level 3 Swimming Aquatics
Jose Larrosa BSc (Bio), (Sea Sc), (PE) Aquatics
Learning Support
Nicky Griffiths BA (Hons); PGCE, UK Head of Primary Learning Support
Daisy Stella MA, B.Ed., India; Dip.LS, UK; ABA Cert, Ireland Teacher
Trudy Venter Higher Teachers Education Dip, South Africa Teacher
Jordan Stegeman BSc. Special Ed (Hons), USA Teacher
Jenny DeSouza BA (HONS); PGCE and CELTA Teacher
Joanne Savage BA (Hons), UK; PGCE, UK Teacher
Katie Sprung BSc, PGCE UK Teacher
Library Teacher
Roger Fortune MSc (Lib. & Inform.) UK, BA (Hons) UK, PGCE UK, CELTA UK Head of Resources & Library
World Languages
Ai Li Gao BA, China; BEd, Canada Head of MFL
Shermaine Wong Sze Mun B.A (TCSL), China Teacher
Farah Fariza Dip in Banking, M’sia; B.ED.TESL (HONS), M’sia; MA, M’sia Teacher
Celine Wong B.ED, China Teacher
Sonia Purisothanan B.Arts (English), M.Ed.TESL, M’sia Teacher
Abby Ching BA (Hons) Chinese Studies, M’sia; TCFL; TCSOL,M’sia Teacher
Deborah Liang BA Early Childhood, Australia Teacher
Florence Wee BA,(English), M.Ed.TESL Msia Teacher
May Tai B.Edu, Taiwan Teacher
Rumaizah M. Jailani B.Edu, M’sia Teacher
Chris Koelma BA/B & MA, AUS Head of Music / Head of Primary Music
Kate Guna M.Mus (Comp) UK; B.Mus (Hons) UK; PGCE (Primary) UK; Dip TESOL, UK; Examiner trainee for AGME, AUS Teacher
Emma Cohen-Joppa BMus ,MMus, US Teacher
Li Qi Ong M.Ed, Australia Teacher
Natalie Staples BEd, UK EYC Leader
Ratna Dalal BCom.Ec, INDIA; PGCE, UK Assistant Year Leader
Michaela Nairn BA (Hons) and PGCE, UK Teacher
Kate Lee BEco, PGCE UK Year Leader
Sadiya Leach BEd, South Africa Teacher
Bethany Freeman BA , UK ; PGCE UK Teacher
Manisha Parmar BA,UK , PGCE Teacher
Dr Lale Merlet Phd Psychology, France Counsellor
Specialist Teachers
Adeline Chan BEd (Hons), AUS Mandarin Teacher
Cassandra Tan BA, China Mandarin Teacher
Secondary Staff List
Name Qualifications in short Position
Whole School Stategic Leadership Team
Michael Bardsley BSc (Hons) Psych, MBA (Ed), PGCE (UK) GIS Principal
Nicola Nelson BA(Hons), PGCE(UK), NPQH Head of Primary
Amy Ward B Sc (Hons), MA, PGCE (UK) Acting Head of Secondary
David James BA Hons, PGCE, and MA Ed Director of Professional Learning
Damian Graizevsky BA Hons, NPQH, PGCE UK Director of Learning
Neil Bowker BSc,UK,PGCE,UK Deputy Head of Primary
David Lee BEd (Hons),UK, MEd, UK Deputy Head of Primary
Lindsay Round B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Deputy Head of Secondary
Matt Bennett BSC (Hons), PGCE, MEd, PGCert Deputy Head of Secondary
Secondary Leadership Team
Amy Ward B Sc (Hons), MA, PGCE (UK) Acting Head of Secondary
Wong Lee Ping B Sc (Hons) (UK), Dip Ed (M’sia) Senior Deputy Head of Secondary, Admin & Maths Teacher
Matt Bennett BSc (Hons), PGCE, MEd, PGCert Deputy Head of Secondary (Key Stage 3 & 4)
Daniel Phillips B Sc (Hons), QTP (UK) Assistant Head (Key Stage 3) & PE Teacher
Amy Marsh MSc | BSc (Hons) | PGCE | QTS Assistant Head (Key Stage 4) & Maths Teacher
Dr. Michael Browning B Sc (Hons), M Sc, PhD, PGCE (UK) Acting Assistant Head/Head of 6th Form (Key Stage 5) & Biology/Science teacher
Lindsay Round B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Acting Deputy Head (Key Stage 5) & Psychology Teacher
Ev Abbott BA , MA, PGCE (UK) Head of Whole School Art & Design
Anouska Doyle BA (Hons), MA, PGCE (UK) Art Teacher / Digital Coach
Rhiannon Stocker BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Art Teacher / Head of KS3 Art
Philippe Delmontte BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Art Teacher / Head of Sultan
Business Education & IT
Mark Solomons B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Head of Business Education & IT
Abigail Kam Suit Theng B Sc, (US) Dip Ed (M’sia) IT Teacher / KS4 ICT Coordinator
Anna Berney BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Business & Economics Teacher / Head of Year 7
Emma Jones BA (Hons), QTS (UK) Business Teacher/Asst Head of Business Education
James Abela BA (Hons), MA, PGCE (UK) IT Teacher / Head of Computing
Joseph Adams B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc, M.A, PGCE (UK ) IT Teacher
Mark Stewart BA, PGCE (UK) Economics Teacher / Head of IA
Sally Cheah B Business, Dip Ed (Aust) Economics & Accounting Teacher / Head of Year 9
Gerard O’Hagan BA (Hons), PGCE (UK), MA Economics Teacher
Design & Technology
Russell Burton BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Head of Design & Technology
John Allan BEng (Hons), PGCE (UK) DT Teacher
Ian Wade BSc (Hons) DT Teacher / Head of Queen House
Robin Lawrence BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Head of Drama
Andrew Rankin BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Drama & English Teacher /Head of Chancellor House
Joe Wyatt BA (Hons) PGCE & QTS Drama Teacher
Michael Riding BA (Hons), MA, Cert TESOL (UK) Head of EAL
Noriza Idrus B Ed (Hons), MA (M’sia) EAL Teacher / Skills and Wellbeing Coordinator
Pauline Chee B Ed (Hons), MA (UK) EAL Teacher / Camps Coordinator
Alan Robertson LLB (HONS), CTEFLA, PGCE (UK) EAL Teacher
Tine Pendred BA Ed, MA Ed.IT (DK) EAL Teacher / Head of Crest House
Arthur Brind BA (Hons), MA , PGCE (UK) EAL Teacher / MUN Coordinator
Learning Support
Claudia Pegg-Campbell M Ed , B Sc ( Aust) , PGCE ( Aust) Head of Learning Support
Ian Hughes BA (HONS) PGCE (UK) Learning Support Teacher
Manjot Chawla B Arch, CELTA. Learning Support Teacher
Patricia Henderson BA (Hons) Science Ed Learning Support Teacher
Denisse Tafur BA Sports & Health (Germany) Teacher Assistant
Charlotte Pyne BA (Hons), MA, PGCE (UK) Head of English
Jade Golding BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) English Teacher / Head of Year 13
Jennifer Flounders BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) English Teacher / Head of KS3 English
John Macleod BA (Hons) , PGCE (UK) English Teacher
Kate Bennetts BA (Hons), PGCE, QTS English Teacher
Michelle Berry-Khella BA (Hons), A.Ed, M Ed (Aust) English Teacher
Renie Leng B Ed (Hons), MA (Aust) English Teacher
Sophie Duckworth B.A (Hons), UK | M.Res, UK | PGCE, UK | SLE, UK English Teacher
Rebecca Amos BA (Hons), MA, PGCE (UK) English Teacher / Head of KS4 English
Kevin Allatt B Sc, PGCE (UK) Head of Humanities / Head of Geography
Amy Tyers BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Geography Teacher
Hector Cook B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Geography Teacher / Head of Year 10
Liza Phillips B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Geography Teacher / Head of Community Service
James Pendred BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Head of History
Catherine Germany BA (Hons), PGCE History Teacher
Paul Hutton BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) History Teacher / Acting Head of Year 8
Edward Smith BA (Hons) & MA (UK) History Teacher / Student Leadership Leader
Sociology & Psychology
David Whitney BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Sociology Teacher / Head of Social Science
Catherina Carragher BSc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Psychology / GAP & EP Leader
Natalie Clark BSc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Head of Maths
Alistair Russell BSc, PGCE (UK) Maths Teacher
Amy Marsh MSc | BSc (Hons) | PGCE | QTS Assistant Head, Key Stage 4
Anita Collins BA (Hons), Dip Ed (UK) Maths Teacher
Belarani Kanjee BSc (Hons), SA | PGCE Maths Teacher
Christopher Newman BSc (Hons) | GTP | QTS Maths Teacher
Hollie Lewis BSc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Maths Teacher
Josh Evans BSc(Hons), UK Maths Teacher
Mark Davison B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Maths Teacher /Head of KS4 Maths
Peter Henderson B SC (Hons), PGCE (UK) Maths Teacher / KS5 Maths Coordinator
Pooma Sathi B Sc (Hons), Dip Ed (M’sia) Maths Teacher
Vijaya Ratnam B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Maths & Science Teacher
Selina Mangin B Ed, Dip Ed (Aust) Mathe Teacher
Yap Chin Fui BA (Flinders), Dip Ed Maths Teacher
Will Martinez BSc (Hons) | PGCE | QTS Maths Teacher
World Languages
Tom Ball BA (Hons) | PGCE | QTS Head of Whole School World Languages
Li Na BSc, PGCE (UK) Head of Mandarin
Dylan Viñales MA, PGCE (UK) Spanish Teacher /Head of Spanish
Julien Barrett BA (Hons), GTP (UK) French Teacher
Ling Ching Ching

MA (NTU, Singapore), CTCSOL (Beijing)

Mandarin Teacher
Lew Jeyeng Cert of Ed (TTC), (M’sia) Mandarin Teacher / KS3 Mandarin Coordinator
Mah Keng Hoe BA (UKM), (M’sia) Malay Teacher
Roberto Jover Soro BA Spain, PGCE, UK Spanish Teacher
Ronan Jezequel BA, PGCE (UK) French Teacher / Head of IA
Rozalina Che Roslee B Ed, Cert of Ed(TTC) (M’sia) Head of Malay
Sophie Barre BA, PGCE, MA (France) Spanish & French Teacher / Head of French
Sam Pitchfork BA (Hons), PGCE (UK) Head of Secondary Music
Andrew Gui B Music (Hons), M Music Ed (USA) Music Teacher
Andy Taylor B Music (Hons), GTP (UK) Music Teacher / Head of Year 11
Mark Springall B Ed (Hons), PGCE (UK) Athletics Director Whole School
Daniel Phillips B Sc (Hons), QTP (UK) Assistant Head, Key Stage 3
Sune Christensen BEd (Denmark) PE Teacher
David Shoesmith BSc (Hons) PGCE & QTS Head of PE
Helen Moss BSc,Sport & Exercise Sciences,UK PE Teacher/Acting Transition Leader/Asst Head Yr 7
Rebecca Taylor B Sc (Hons), PGCE, MA (UK) Head of Science
Adam Robinson B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Biology Teacher / Head of Year 12
Clare Holden B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Science Teacher / KS3 Science Coordinator
David Lally BSc (Hons), MA, PGCE (UK) Physics Teacher
Ellie Davis B Sc (Hons) Science Teacher
Ellena Morrison B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Science Teacher / Higher Education Advisor
Dr. Emile Ignacio Doran MSci, Ph. D, UK Physics Teacher
Dr. James Saunders B Sc (Hons), PhD, PGCE (UK) Biology & Science Teacher/ Coordinated Science Leader
Joseph Rowland B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Physics & Science Teacher/Head of Physics
Keith Netcher B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Head of Chemistry
Laura McGregor B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Biology & Science Teacher
Dr. Michael Browning B Sc (Hons), M Sc, PhD, PGCE (UK) Chemistry & Science Teacher / Head of Year 7
Vijaya Ratnam B Sc, PGCE (UK) Chemistry, Science & Maths Teacher
Rachel Saunders B Sc (Hons), PGCE (UK) Chemistry & Science Teacher
Stephen Blaylock MSc BSc Hons PGCE Science Teacher
Matthew Smith MA, PGCE (UK) Science Teacher / Assistant of IA
Georgina Walters MChem (Hons), PGCE (UK) Chemistry Teacher
James Wright BSc (Hons) PGCE & QTS (UK) Physics Teacher / Digital Coach
Jason Fletcher BSc Hons, PGCE (UK) Science Teacher / Head of KS3 Science
Beth Alpert BSc, MA (US) Head of Counselling
Dustin Robbins MA, BA; USA Counsellor
Higher Education Counsellor/Advisor
Sam Wickham B Sc (Hons), PGCE Higher Education Counsellor/Advisor

Admin Staff

Our admin team is the backbone of our school. From our switched-on security staff, to our supportive Student Services team, we have 100 members of staff dedicated to ensuring that our campus, staff, students and wider community are well looked after. 


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