As a faculty, our main goal is to provide a first rate musical education which not only can take students to the highest level for those pursuing musical careers but also provides a stimulating, challenging and inclusive musical programme for all students.

Music at Garden International School

The emphasis is on involvement and enjoyment through many music-making opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Our schemes of work are designed to encourage students to progress in performance, composition and general musical knowledge. They learn to develop confidence in performing in groups and the ability to work as a team showing clear awareness of other players. They exercise their creative skills through composition and improvisation as well as developing their awareness and appreciation of different cultures through studying Music from around the world. Skills learnt in the classroom can then be further developed through our 20 various Music Co-Curricular Activities and also our Instrumental Music Programme.

Concerts, musicals, recitals and assemblies are just some of the ways students can perform to wider audiences. As a whole school faculty we also produce two major joint concerts each year. These occasions celebrate a wide range of musical styles and allow younger students to see the levels of performance of more senior students they too might reach. The emphasis is very much on ensembles, both large and small, all produced within GIS. Some of our ensembles are also invited play at events outside school, conferences, ceremonies, gala dinners and charity events.

Students of Music at GIS develop a surprisingly broad range of core life-skills: confidence and resilience when performing, determination and persistence when practicing, creativity, analysis, synthesis and imagination when composing or improvising and, last but not least, teamwork and empathetic skills when working in ensembles. Amazingly, playing an instrument uses more skill areas of the brain than any other known activity: language, memory, logic, emotion, motor and audio-visual skills are all utilised at the same time. Various scientific studies highlight how studying Music is proven to: help in the study of languages, sharpen memory, raise IQ, teach discipline, help improve emotional expression, relieve stress and more.

Unsurprisingly, the numbers of students taking IGCSE and A level has been rising significantly over recent years with students gaining consistently high results: 97% of IGCSE Music students scored A/A* over the past 3 years. Also, Music students from GIS have won high achievement awards from CIE in IGCSE, AS and A level each year. Recent Music students have been offered places at Oxbridge, the Royal College of Music, the Royal Northern College of Music, Berklee and more. Music Scholarships have also been offered by the Birmingham Conservatoire of Music, Melbourne University and The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Being an abstract subject, Music requires much use of higher order thinking skills when analysing pieces and also in improvisation and composing. This allows students to develop in a plethora of transferable skills and thus presents Music also an excellent choice of study at IGCSE and A Level. The general Music essay questions set at A level, for example, are great preparation for Oxbridge interviews as they thoroughly test the student’s ability to think on their feet. In other words, Music is also a highly desirable subject to take even for students with no intention of pursuing a musical career.

Instrumental Music Programme (IMP)

GIS provides individual lessons on a range of instruments.

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Music CCAs

These 20 or so extra Musical activities extend music beyond the classroom for students of all abilities.

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Be fully alive. Only music can engage your mind, body and soul simultaneously. Make more music!

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest Upper Primary Musicals, The Lion King Jr and Dr Seussical Jr!

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Be fully alive. Only music can engage your mind, body and soul simultaneously. Make more music!

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest Upper Primary Musicals, The Lion King Jr and Dr Seussical Jr!

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