Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)


Our Wider Life provision gives our students access to a diverse and inclusive co-curricular programme, as well as ample opportunities for outdoor education and community service.

GIS offers an exceptional programme of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). One of the largest programmes in South-East Asia, the CCA schedule includes over 150 different activities and clubs across four key areas: Global Citizenship; Creative; Community Service and Physical Performance. Activities run during lunchtimes and after school.

GIS also offers many academic and cultural opportunities for Early Years students right up to Year 13. From Coding to French cooking club, Hip Hop Dance to Public Speaking, we offer students a broad range of co-curricular opportunities to enrich and enhance their learning and wellbeing. MUN (Model United Nations) is a particularly popular CCA at GIS and the school bi-annually hosts the KLMUN (Kuala Lumpur Modern United Nations). 

For older students, we are able to offer some very specialist programmes such as our STEP CCA aimed specifically at female students interested in studying STEM subjects at university level. We also offer a very successful Oxbridge CCA that supports students interested in gaining entry to Oxford and Cambridge universities. 

Activities are published at the start of term and families can sign up to five activities per term utilising our online web-based portal.

Creative CCAs

  • Critically challenge your own and people’s assumptions.
  • Use imagination to explore possibilities and apply thinking to real life situations.
  • Have the confidence to apply knowledge and higher order thinking skills creatively to approach complex problems.
  • Are articulate, reflective and open to other people’s point of view.
  • Have the confidence to express themselves and discuss ideas.
  • Work independently and collaboratively to identify questions to answer and problems to solve.

Global Citizenship CCAs

  • Use learning, thinking social and leadership skills.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the influence of histories, beliefs, values and perspectives in relation to individual’s and people’s cultures.
  • Discuss and explore issues and events from multiple perspectives.
  • Engage in community and environmental service.

Community Service CCAs

A school community that is passionate about and committed to community service that is proactive in making a lasting, positive contribution to the world.

Enriching GISKL students to ensure they are ready to take on the world as conscious, skilled, confident, well equipped and passionate global citizens.


  • Improved global awareness understanding of the immediate and wider world we live in and our role within it.
  • Improved perceived value of Community Service within the school and its community.

Physical Performance CCAs

Visual and Performing Arts
We pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of opportunities we provide for students in the area of visual and performing arts outside of the classroom.

Drama productions, school bands and orchestras and a number of art exhibitions both on site and in the wider KL community.

Sport and Active
Sport plays an important role in GIS’ culture and ethos. Historically, GISKL has an outstanding overall record of achievement within KL and beyond.

While winning is important, it is our mission to get as many students as possible involved and enjoying sports through our CCA, Inter-house, Academy and Dragons programme. The School’ sport programme is fully supported by the school and pathways have been established to allow the GISKL student opportunities to participate in a sporting, healthy and active programme whatever the child’s level may be.

GIS Experience

Get a taste of the joy of learning at GIS.

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Have a glimpse of our extended co-curricular activities (over 200 on offer to our students)

GIS Experience

Get a taste of the joy of learning at GIS.

Watch Now

Have a glimpse of our extended co-curricular activities (over 200 on offer to our students)

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At GIS, we bring out the best in everyone, both inside and outside of the classroom through our unique learning culture where we pursue our passions and strive for excellence; all in the spirit of respect, integrity and well being. Speak with us today to start your learning journey with GIS.

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