Our Unique Internship Programme

THRIVE is GIS’s unique professional internship programme, offering Year 12 students the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience by undertaking a four week placement within an area of passion. From hospitals to advertising agencies, GIS students have the opportunity to develop ‘real world’ knowledge and skills in their chosen field, as well as collaborate and problem solve with experienced industry professionals.

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Student Internship

Why is it
important for
our students

Unique to the region, the huge range of placements on offer as part of the THRIVE Programme ensures that our students are able to choose an internship that is closely linked to an area of passion and proposed future study. In addition, we use our extensive alumni network to support our students to develop their professional connections which will serve them for years to come.

Company Internship

What are the benefits for the company

For companies, the opportunity to host a GIS student intern comes with many benefits:

Company Internship

Which companies
are involved?

Over the past two years, our students have undertaken exciting internships in a huge array of companies.

THRIVE Success Stories

Our internship programme gives our Sixth Form students the opportunity to THRIVE.

The THRIVE program is an excellent internship program for students to broaden their learning horizons outside the classroom.

Mr Issac Liew, Assistant Manager (Sustainability Division)
YTL Corporation Berhad

I've learnt a lot about punctuality and meeting deadlines! Most importantly, THRIVE helped me to grasp a basic understanding of court procedures and how to interact with co-workers much better.

Ryan Lee (GIS Y12)
Interned at DGK Law Firm

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Interested in offering a placement as part of our THRIVE Internship Programme? We would love to hear from you.