Strong Partnership

Our GIS Parents

Supportive Parent Community

At GIS, we value our strong partnerships between home and school, recognising their importance in ensuring every student fulfils their potential. What’s more, our diverse community of parents is well engaged in every aspect of school life. From leading community service projects to sharing their knowledge and expertise in parent workshops, we are always learning together at GIS.

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Experience GIS

Parent Life

We host an array of activities and events, and offer a great deal of support to our parents at GIS.


Parent Workshops

Weekly parent workshops, run by a broad variety of speakers, cover a wide range of topics. From supporting your child’s learning, to exploring the latest scientific research, these sessions are always well attended, providing an excellent opportunity for our parent community to come together and learn.


Parents Supporting Parents

Our well extensive Buddy Programme and Country Reps Network offer friendship, support, information and advice on school and community-related queries for New Families to GIS.


Discover Malaysia

We host a range of excursions enabling our parent community to explore Malaysia. Join one of our PTF Cultural trips for the full experience.


Celebrating Cultures

Embracing our diversity by celebrating a broad range of cultural events and activities- there’s always something of interest to take part in.

Parent Voice

What our parents are saying...


The Parent Workshops are very insightful and got me thinking a lot more about what I was doing at home with my kids. I think that’s important because we get so used to running on autopilot that we stop seeing how ineffective a lot of the stuff we do at home is.

GIS Parent

Great Parent Workshop! Full of information & interaction. Our table enjoyed having to think and work together. Thanks to all involved.

GIS Parent

I have been more than impressed with how the school operates and just how "engaged with" I have felt from the time I applied to put my daughter in GIS.

New GIS Parent

Parent Teachers & Friends (PTF)

Parent Teachers and Friends (PTF)

PTF Committee

At GIS, we are proud of our very active and supportive Parents, Teachers and Friends (PTF) Committee. Comprised of a dedicated team of parent volunteers, our PTF works extremely hard to ensure all parents in the school feel involved and are supported in all areas of school life. This includes ensuring that new families have the option of a buddy to ease their transition into the school community, leading a variety of community service initiatives and putting on a wide array of cultural events and parent excursions.