Taylor’s Education Group – Whistleblower Policy

Policy Statement 

Taylor’s Education Group (Taylor’s) is committed to promote and maintain high standard of integrity, transparency and accountability as well as good corporate governance in the workplace.

Taylor’s encourages its employees, students and other stakeholders to report or raise concerns on any suspected wrongdoing.

Any alleged wrongdoing will be investigated and Taylor’s will protect any party who make good faith report of wrongdoing from retaliation.

Purpose of Policy

  • To encourage all Taylor’s stakeholders to disclose or report any suspected wrongdoing.
  • To provide an avenue for reporting and investigating disclosure.
  • To provide protection for whistleblower from retaliation and to safeguard such person’s confidentiality.


The stakeholders may fall under any of the following categories:

  • All units of Taylor’s Education Group (including universities, colleges, schools and all local and overseas business units.)
  • Employees (including academic, administrative, contract and part-time staff.)
  • Students and Parents.
  • Vendors (including suppliers, service providers, contractors, consultants and agencies.)
  • Official visitors.
  • Any other person having an association with Taylor’s.

Scope of Policy

The wrongdoing means any improper conduct which may constitute a disciplinary offence or a criminal offence. For example:

  • Fraud;
  • Misappropriation of fund/assets;
  • Criminal breach of trust;
  • Bribery and corrupt practice;
  • Misuse of confidential document/information;
  • Falsification, dishonesty and fraud regarding financial records/matters; or
  • Violation of government laws, regulations or public policies.

Acting in Good Faith

Anyone making a disclosure concerning any wrongdoing must be acting in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed indicates a wrongdoing. Any allegations that are made in bad faith may be subject to appropriate actions, including legal action, where applicable.

Protection to Whistleblower

Taylor’s will take all reasonable steps practicable to safeguard the confidentiality of identity of party who makes a wrongdoing disclosure in good faith, and protect the person from any retaliation for making the disclosure.

Reporting Procedures

E-form The whistleblower must disclose his/her name and contact details, nature of allegation, particulars of person(s) involved, when and where the incident took place and provide supporting evidence, if any.

All disclosures and the identity of whistleblower will be kept confidential and the whistleblower will be notified on the outcome of his/her disclosure.

Taylor’s reserves the right to amend the procedures contained in this document from time to time.

Ref: 09/2014