Counselling and Health & Safety

Counselling and Health & Safety

Counselling at GIS

At Garden International School Kuala Lumpur, we believe that psychological wellbeing underpins all successful learning. We feel that our students will benefit in the long term from learning how to care for their own emotional health.

The counsellors support students across the Primary and Secondary schools in numerous ways using a range of age appropriate techniques.  We work with the five elements of the GIS Skill Ladders in mind and aim to help students become resilient and proactive, using their own strengths to achieve their aims.


The counsellors also run a series of programmes around school designed to support and strengthen our community, including workshops for staff and parents. Parent workshops are usually publicised through the weekly newsletter and by GIS direct email to FAM accounts.

About Child Protection

At GIS we take child protection and safeguarding of our community seriously. We have a team of designated child protection officers in the school All staff are involved in initial child protection training on joining the school and annually thereafter. We have regular child protection online training modules that staff are required to complete throughout the year. Our recruitment processes reflect the CIS standards and COBIS training that all staff involved in recruiting have undertaken. We engage with external support, advice and review from experts. At GIS we have a child protection policy and guidelines which outline our definition of child protection as well as the procedures and processes we follow should any issues arise. We take collective responsibility in the school community for child protection and promote a proactive approach to safeguarding and education for adults and children about topics pertaining to child protection.


The Health Centre is run efficiently and effectively by a nurse manager with a team of two qualified professional registered nurses and a receptionist.

The nursing team is experienced with a proactive approach to preventive healthcare and sound knowledge of school nursing in delivering high standards of care and promoting the life skills required to enable students to manage all aspects of health in the future and also providing the care and monitoring required if students are unwell in the school.

The Health Centre has a counselling unit in it to provide care needed to support student’s psychological and emotional health and holistic wellbeing.


The Health Centre has three in-patient beds and  an isolation room for students with communicable diseases such as HFMD, measles and chickenpox. A well equipped treatment room to provide first aid assistance and a spacious waiting area are also available.


  1. First Aid Treatment

First aid services are provided in the school campuses and at any events organised by the school such as Sports Day, international school sports events and camps.

  1. Health Screening
  2. Immunisation

The Health Centre organises vaccination clinic for HPV vaccination and general vaccinations for the students, staff and the school community at large.

  1. Medical Record

The Health Centre provides confidentiality about the student’s medical history.  Health Medical Record form will be given to parents to fill in prior to starting school and they have to return it as soon as possible with detailed medical history and vaccination history. This form will be given only to new students. The parents are required to provide information from time to time about the student’s medical issues if there are any changes or updates including hospitalisation and accidents.

  1. Administration of Medication in School

If a student requires the school nurses to administer medication, the parent or guardian needs to submit the Medication Administration form to the Health Centre along with the medication. The form is available at the Health Centre. Without this form, any medication brought to school will not be administered. All medication to be administered must be prescribed by a qualified doctor or physician.

In the event where the parent or guardian cannot be reached during an emergency, the school may send the student to the nearest hospital or doctor for immediate medical observation and treatment.

For further information, please read the GIS School Health Guidelines and Policies as outlined in section 7 of the Parent Handbook or contact Health Centre for assistance.

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