Terms and Conditions

Open Day February 2024 Promotion - Terms and Conditions

(The following Terms & Conditions are in addition to the Terms & Conditions governing enrolment and admission as stated on the Application for Admission form)

Terms & Conditions

The GIS Open Day February 2024 Promotion refers to the fee waivers on:

  • Application Fee of 100%
  • Registration Fee of 50%

subject to the following terms & conditions:

  1. Applications are submitted between 20 February 2024 and 3 March 2024.


  2. The Admission of new enrolments is on or before 13 December 2024.


  3. This promotion applies to Nursery through to Year 10 first-time enrolments only.

  4. For clarity, ‘enrolment’ refers to a new student who has started schooling at Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur (GIS).

  5. To enjoy the fee waivers, an application and the full sum of the Application Fee must be received by GIS on or before 3 March 2024.

  6. An application ‘received’ refers to the submission of a fully completed Application for Admission form to GIS with all required documents as stated on the checklist on the Application for Admission form, and evidence of payment made for an Application Fee at the current applicable rate, ie. RM1,300.

  7. The Application Fee may be paid with a credit/debit card. Alternatively, if payment is made through online banking or telegraphic transfer, kindly include the child’s name as a reference on the transaction document. A copy of the transaction document must be forwarded to the school’s Admissions team at admissions@gardenschool.edu.my.

    Bank: OCBC AL-AMIN Bank Berhad
    Account Number: 187-100136-3

  8. The acceptance of an application is at the absolute discretion of the School. The School reserves the right to decline any application and is not obliged to offer any justification for the rejection of any application.

  9. If the application is successful, the School will send a letter of offer to the parents.  If the offer is accepted, the paid Application Fee of RM1,300 will be deducted from the total fees and the discount on Registration Fee will be stated on the letter of offer.  There will be no adjustments to the rate of discount should there be any changes to the Application Fee and Registration Fee at the point of enrolment of the student.

  10. If parents cancel the application before an offer is made, or decline an offer that was made, the paid Application Fee will not be refunded.

  11. The Fee Waiver only applies to students not on any other discounts, waivers or programmes. Students can only enjoy one (1) form of discount at any time.

  12. For clarity, the benefit of the Fee Waivers will not apply to the following :

    – the Application Fee of RM1,300 was not paid in full by 23:59 hours on 3 March 2024;
    – the Application for Admission form and the required documents are not received by GIS by 23:59 hours on 3 March 2024;
    – the application is cancelled;
    – the application is unsuccessful;
    – the offer of a place is declined;
    – an offer of a place is not accepted by the “Last Date to Accept Offer” as stated on a Letter of Offer to successful applicants;
    – places are not available by the last date of enrolment.

  13. The School reserves the right to change the above Terms & Conditions without any notification as it deems fit.

  14. This promotion is not applicable to existing students.

Accurate as at 30 January 2024