Internship Programme

Internship Programme

More and more universities and employers are seeking applicants with ‘real world’, transferable skills – not just great grades.

At GIS, we recognise that one of the best ways of developing these skills is through relevant work experience, where students have the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge within an authentic environment, as well as experiencing the challenges of day-to-day working life. Our four week THRIVE internship programme, unique in the region, allows our Year 12 students to harness their strengths, gain valuable insights into the professional work arena, and upskill in key areas.

** NEWS ** We are currently looking for company to offer internship placements, interested get in touch at or leave your details here & we will get in touch! 

What is THRIVE?

THRIVE is Garden International School’s unique professional internship programme. It runs during the summer break between Year 12 and 13. THRIVE gives students the opportunity to undertake 4 weeks of work experience in their area of passion – usually connected to their intended undergraduate studies. From hospitals to advertising agencies, GIS students have the opportunity to develop ‘real world’ knowledge and skills in their chosen field.

During their placement, students compile a portfolio of evidence to showcase their learning and progress, tied to the GIS Learner Skills. THRIVE provides Year 12 students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience within the workforce, and to collaborate and problem solve with experienced industry professionals.

Who is it for?

The THRIVE programme is open to all Year 12 students at Garden International School and enhances our Sixth Form programme. Students who complete the THRIVE programme in addition to the other requirements of the GIS Diploma will be granted The GIS Diploma with Honours.

What is so unique about THRIVE?

GIS is the only school in the region offering this programme to their students!

  • Many of the companies involved in THRIVE have GIS alumni leading or working in them, helping our students to develop professional connections that will serve them for years to come;
  • The huge range of placements on offer ensures that GIS students are able to choose an internship that is closely linked to their area/s of passion and proposed future study. Through the completion of the THRIVE programme, GIS students gain ‘real world’ learning and experiences that help set themselves apart from the rest.

THRIVE Companies

Over the past two years, our students have undertaken exciting internships in a huge array of companies, including:

For companies, the opportunity to host a GIS student intern comes with many benefits.

  • A fresh set of eyes: An intern can help you look at a project with a different perspective;
  • Enhance your social strategy: Involve your interns in your social media workings and seek their feedback;
  • Mentoring: The opportunity to mentor a young person can be great for professional development;
  • Build your profile: Sharing stories about your THRIVE internship programme can help raise awareness of your company in the local community, offering valuable visibility & exposure
  • Give back: Enjoy the rewards of helping young, passionate students learn more about your professional field, develop key skills and make valuable connections that will serve them in their future careers.

Process and Timeline

We are always looking for companies to join our THRIVE programme and offer placements. Get in touch at or fill out our form.


  • October: THRIVE  is launched. Interested GIS students sign up to get involved!
  • November- December: List of internships is finalised with companies
  • December – January: GIS students are matched with suitable companies, in line with their interests & proposed undergraduate studies. A formal application process takes place. Internships are finalised.
  • May-July: Preparation for internships takes place
  • June-July: THRIVE takes place over a 4-week period
  • August: Programme Evaluation & Feedback

Unfortunately, as a result of the RMCO, we have had no choice but to cancel last year’s Thrive internship programme. We hope that we are able to return to normal this academic year, offering our students work experience placements within your organisations.  However, given the current climate, we realise that we may have to diversify how we ensure that students are still able to explore potential careers. If you have any ideas or suggestions for alternative ways to engage, mentor or offer our students a glimpse into your professions or industries, even within the unprecedented times in which we find ourselves, please email; we would love to hear from you!


Over the past two years, 38 students and 25 companies have participated in our THRIVE internship programme.

“I’ve learnt a lot about punctuality and meeting deadlines! Most importantly, THRIVE helped me to grasp a basic understanding of court procedures and how to interact with co-workers much better.”Ryan Lee (GIS Y12) Interned at DGK Law Firm

“The THRIVE program is an excellent internship program for students to broaden their learning horizons outside the classroom.” –Mr Issac Liew, Assistant Manager, Sustainability Division, YTL Corporation Berhad

“I am truly grateful for the chance to serve as an intern at GetGlobal Group. I have gained valuable insights into the business industry which will help in my future career decisions in the field of e-commerce. I am also thankful for how welcoming my co-workers were – it was been a joy working with them for a month!”Chin Wei Jen (GIS Y12) Interned at Hextar Group

Some details on our THRIVE programme:

    • The programme will usually run for 4 weeks between mid-May and the end of July. Exact dates depend on when student intern/s complete their final examinations.
    • GIS will shortlist students following an initial application in January, before they
      present their application to the internship partner.

  • Ultimately, it will be the company who decides if they would like to pursue their application further.
  • There will be a dedicated GIS Liaison officer who will be available for support throughout the internship programme, as required.

Could you offer THRIVE student placements at your company?

Leave your details  and we will get in touch with more information and details to confirm your placement offering!

  • Contact Person within the Company (if different from your own)
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Interested to find out more about our THRIVE programme, or do you want to discover how THRIVE can benefit you?
Take a look at our Secondary School Profile here. Even better, get in touch with our friendly admissions team to book your personalised tour and see for yourself how we bring out the best in every student.
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