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The GIS Sixth Form promotes academic excellence in all students, offering International AS and A level qualifications. These are delivered by outstanding teachers with knowledge and expertise in Key Stage 5 education, who are always ready to go the extra mile to set their students on the path to success.

However, our philosophy of education goes far beyond that. We are proud of our bespoke Sixth Form Diploma that allows students to enrich their studies beyond the formal curriculum, develop leadership skills and nourish a love of learning. In Sixth Form, we recognise the need to furnish our students with the soft skills that will prepare them for life beyond our school, and are proud of the opportunities our students have to do this in work experience, THRIVE and our extensive CCA programme.

As a result of our track record of academic excellence, holistic approach and skills-based education, it is not surprising that GIS Sixth Form students are sought after by the world’s best universities.

Our Wider Life provision gives our Sixth Formers access to a diverse and inclusive co-curricular programme, as well as ample opportunities for outdoor education and community service.

Our Secondary school offers an exceptional programme of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). One of the largest programmes in South-East Asia, the CCA schedule includes over 150 different activities and clubs across four key areas: Global Citizenship; Creative; Community Service and Physical Performance.

Our Outdoor Education programme involves bespoke residential camp programmes and our annual ‘Discovery Week’ also sees GIS students travelling across Malaysia to take part in sustainable community work. Many GIS students further challenge themselves by undertaking the International Award (IA), which provides them with incredible opportunities for holistic development. As well as gaining a recognised qualification, students will develop resilience, leadership skills, teamwork and have contributed significantly to their community through the programme.

GIS also offers many academic and cultural enrichment opportunities. MUN (Model United Nations) is an extremely popular CCA at GIS and the school bi-annually hosts the KLMUN (Kuala Lumpur Modern United Nations). Our Music and Drama departments regularly showcase our students’ talent and commitment through a range of successful concerts and productions. Wherever possible, our Sixth Form students are given ownership and leadership roles in such events.–

We believe that a Sixth Form education should be about more than just achieving fantastic A Level results: it also needs to prepare students for the future and develop them holistically. For this purpose, we offer a bespoke GIS Diploma. 

The Diploma encapsulates our holistic approach to the Sixth Form experience. The transferable skills that are developed enable our students to be fully prepared for life beyond GIS. The diploma includes a menu of electives to ensure that every student’s learning is personalised and engaging.

Every year, our alumni reach out to tell us about the versatility of the transferable skills developed as part of the programme. 

Every Sixth Former at GIS has the chance to complete the GIS Diploma or the GIS Diploma with Honours.

A GIS Diploma is awarded to students who:

  • Achieve at least three good A Levels
  • Completion of 2 electives, or
  • Completion of the Extended Project qualification

A GIS Diploma with Honours is awarded to students who: 

  • Fulfil all of the criteria above;
  • Complete the GIS ‘Thrive’ Internship programme (a four-week professional internship, unique to GIS)

We are committed to offering a broad A Level programme with 22 subjects to choose from, allowing our students to align their studies with their personal interests and academic strengths.

Explore our A Level courses in greater detail and find out more about what you can expect to study, plus learn how each course is assessed and their related university and career options.

We boast an extensive student leadership programme, unique to GIS.

Our Year 12 students can elect to apply for a Leadership role in one of nine strands: Action, Arts, Digital, Green (Environment) House, Learning, Transitions, Sport and Wellbeing. In addition, our Head Student (also in Year 12) meets regularly with the Head of Secondary and acts as an advocate for all students in our Secondary school.

GIS Sixth Form Student Leaders chair weekly meetings, draft annual action plans and are involved in a wide array of student-led activities. Their responsibilities include organising whole-school events, raising money for charity, working with teachers and parents in the school community and increasing awareness for their chosen leadership strands. In their leadership roles, our Sixth Formers have the opportunity to upskill and empower younger student leaders, and have the opportunity to enact sustainable change in our school community.

We host an annual in-house residential leadership conference to help build capacity in our student leaders, and empower them through genuine leadership opportunities and extensive support.

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GIS Experience

Get a taste of the joy of learning at GIS.

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University Map

Pathway to the world, check out which universities our students are attending.

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