How would you feel if this was your home?

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January 9, 2019
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How would you feel if this was your home?

Let’s make this garden Green, introducing the GIS….

Our Plastic Pool Protest

Did you happen to see this video, or perhaps this Facebook post?  Our beautiful school swimming pool got filled with plastic bottles – and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Imagine this is your home…how would you feel? 

But who was behind this dastardly deed?  Our brand new ‘GIS Green Dragons’ planned it, to create a plastic pollution protest – a bold statement to highlight the amount of single-use plastic that we use in the school! Watch the full video here!

Juliette Colaco, the teacher in charge of the primary Green Dragons, explains: We wanted to give the children an idea of what life is like for marine life. Marine animals have to swim and live in our rubbish and we wanted to put the children in their shoes.”

The GIS Green Dragons

So who are the mysterious ‘GIS Green Dragons’ behind this attention-grabbing act?

Recently, student leaders in the ‘Green’ strands in both Primary and Secondary unified to become one group: The GIS Green Dragons. Together, their goal is to raise environmental awareness and promote green initiatives within the school. Supported by the PTF, our Principal and the Community Service Team too, the GIS Green Dragons are ready to make a big impact.

The GIS Green Dragons also run CCAs across both Primary and Secondary, meaning that any student interested in environmental issues can help contribute ideas and raise awareness for awesome environmental initiatives they are driving forward.

Small Changes, Big Impact.

The GIS Green Dragons have already done a lot to make our Garden ‘greener’: they helped introduce paper recycling boxes in classrooms, educated our community about the problem with single-use plastic, and made a big difference to our school canteen by supporting the reusable coffee cup reward scheme, working with the PTF to introduce mugs and even getting rid of single-use plastic stirrers!

But now it’s time for a bigger mission: single-use plastic.

It’s hard to believe, but we currently consume around 1500 plastic bottles per week at GIS. The number of bottles you saw in the GIS pool during the GIS Green Dragons’ plastic pool protest was equal to what our school community currently uses in just a few days. Shocking, right?  But that’s all changed now.

GIS Going Single-Use Plastic Bottle Free

Since January, GIS has eradicated  single-use plastic water bottles. That’s right – no more disposable plastic water bottles are sold on our campus! It’s a small change, but one that will have a huge impact.

By cutting out disposable plastic bottles, we will save around 60,000 single-use plastic bottles every year from being made, used once, then simply thrown away. Many of these bottles would have ended up contributing to the 8 million tonnes of plastic waste that enters our oceans and causes all sorts of terrible problems for our marine life.

Next Steps

Eliminating 60,000 plastic bottles per year from our planet is a pretty good start – but our GIS Green Dragons won’t stop there. There are many other things they want to accomplish and they’ve got a ton of great ideas to help make our Garden – and our planet – even greener.

If you have any thoughts about what the GIS Green Dragons should tackle next, we’d love you to add your ideas to the GIS Green Dragons’ WISH LIST.

You can also help by raising awareness of our new plastic-free stance, too. It’s simple: just share our  Facebook post with your friends and families – and get your reusable water bottles and coffee cups ready for use every day.

We look forward to your continued support in making our ‘Garden’ even greener.

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